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How is it listening to Radiohead and themes from Sonic the Hedgehog at the same time?

Even if not close to any of these,
You might find me admitting that many of this music tracks inspired by any of these bands such as Radiohead, Air and Chemical Brothers... But mostly I was inspired by the video game manufacturer "SEGA" and their Sonic franchise.

This album was planned to be optimistic and upbeat in order to make people feel good, as this what art meant to be used for... And not for manners of terrifying or depressing!

Anyway, as I had harsh times on my life, you may find the darker influence I had in the middle of this album. in tracks 4,5 and 6 as I was angry at people's lack of motivation to feel enthusiasm, as well as their attempts of suppressing & fighting against it.

I encourage you to enjoy this album, It may be too good to be sold, but as I got friends who are in a need and as I live in a world that disasters tend to happen everyday, I might have to use some of the profits of this album for charity (Well, no promise! We don't know what future hold)... Please at least listen online and enjoy as much as you can! Your joy is needed!


released February 2, 2006

Inspired by bands such as: Radiohead, Air, Chemical Brothers and artists such as Tori Amos, and Sophie Ellis Bextor... Also by the "Sonic the Hedgehog" Series of SEGA, As well by DemoScene artist such as Peter Skutescki, Skaven & Master Tom.




Advertise Play Petah Tiqwa, Israel


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Track Name: Cyborg's Anthem
I will fight to survive
I will fight for my night
I will fight for my life
I will sacrifice
Track Name: Go pacifism!
Yes. It's by Advertise Playtrip!
Your'e right! That's for sure!
Caught you up! Get it now?
It's a lesson that
you should all ever learn!
Be happy! Got that? Yeah! Sure you can!

For getting this tune:
I Wish you a very bad day!
Now be happy! Don't let it ruin you now!

It was tossing me out, but You won't!
Get up! Enough!!! Enough!!! Get out! Get out! Go on!!!

That's the lesson!
Be always happy and
never give up feeling it ever again!
Better get your chance
of feeling stable in such a bad day of your's!
That's what you get! Ha! Hear the choirs!

Yeah... Don't let their fire burning you down!
That's the spirit as they send on their soldiers
to fool you around...

Freakin' funny how! Oh so! shame...!
on a distant base, barely to be found!

Last time I've been caught for just having fun...
Finished... Tossed out! Pissed off!
Oh I was so upset and angry
I'd be captured down, there
jailed, feeling freakin' so impaled & nailed!

You should'nt think I would come with a backfigt?
No don't you! Sir! You didn't!!!
Now! Don't let em stop you as they were trying to stop me!!!
As it knock me all the way, serround the area! Oh! P-lease!
You should all ever learn! Be happy as much as you can!
Yeah!!! All aboard! Getting space cords!!!

Get them out of here! Get e'm away! Get them all along!
You all be nut cracked up down by this!!!

Attack! Attack!
Revange! Revange! Revange!

That's right! You might! We Fight! We Fight! Fight!! Fight!!!
Track Name: Cyborg's Playground
Cyborg says: I must protect my country!
Cyborg says: I must defend humanity!
Cyborg says: I must to save the mankind!
Cyborg says: I will make our nation survive!...

...I will kill the innocent,
I will strife with the poor...
for I belive that the stong ones
takes the rest in the war!

...I will crush out your buildings
and burn down your farms,
I will murder your children,
with the might of my arms!

I'll flood up the cities,
with breakers of flame
I'll set up on fire
all the targets I aim

But you should not belive me!
For I didn't said Cyborg says!


Cyborg says:
Track Name: SuperShelly
I must brush my teeth!
I must brush my teeth!

I must keep e'm clean!
You know what I'm mean!

My teeth are all dirty!
I must clean them matey!

My teeth are all dirty!
I just ate spagetti!

So my teeth will shine!
Like stars!
Like a new guitar!
Track Name: Mind Troopers - Extended Mix
By my own keys I'm commanding orders.
Training notes to be my soldiers
These are ready to be
Mind Troopers
of Insanity

With my own Believe I'm setting destiny
I'll show you the future and eternity
This are my note and they ready to be
Mind Trooper of Insanity signs on

If it sounds familiar with a future sound
The heaven shines clear on the underground
It's because I listen to my own CD
The Mind Trooper of Insanity

I'm in mind control
So forget therapy.
I'll set you free if you come with me
The Mind trooper of Insanity

I'm an aggressive person with a war machine
Mission succeed and the area is clean
Mind Trooper of Insanity signs off...
Track Name: Ants in My Cornflakes
(Partially based on "Cornflake Girl" by Tori Amos)
Track Name: Ye-Hoo-Dee
(Based on Psalm 150)
Track Name: L.A.V

Aie! I am not programmed for suicide
Aie! I am not programmed for suicide


(I'm going undercover, I'm gonna be you'r lover!)

Airforce X is ready for a fight
Technology is Better if you use it right
As we getting our mission and using our device
Which helping us to beat, the evil and vice
Fight us and will beat you, or join our side
Aie, I wasn't programmed for a suicide!